People, technology, success

Hentero Solutions enables businesses to scale their software development teams and deliver value by providing superior software development solutions.

Hentero Inc.

People, technology, success

Do you need talented software developers?

Get exceptional European software development talent working for you today.

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Why choose Hentero?

We are North American based

We hire Central and Eastern European software professionals exclusively known globally for their exceptional skills

We have over 250 professionals in our development centre certified in many technology stacks

We are not a freelance shop. Your developers will work in our office together as a team allowing them to collaborate effectively

Our combination of competitive rates and excellent European talent maximizes the value of your investment

We do not require long term commitments

What we are good at

Java Development

Microsoft .Net

Mobile Development (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada, Unity, Marmalade)

PHP web development

C++ (Windows desktop apps and Embeded Real-time Systems)


Get a free estimate and see the advntage!